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  • Low cost high performance XYZ sensor

  • Can be configured for customer specific application requirements 

  • UHF low power long range RF technology

  • 3 axis MEMS accelerometer

  • Standard package of small IP rated enclosure 75mm x 25mm x 20mm including battery

  • Battery life up to 2 years

  • On board temperature sensor


  • Impact detection

  • Tilt detection

  • Motion detection

  • Freefall detection


  • Handling data logger for logistics, shipping

  • Tamper detection in security systems

  • Active RFID with motion sensing

  • Cable movement detector


Wireless 3 Axis Accelerometer

The JPA wireless 3 axis acceleromter is the result of a significant product development program to deliver the optimum combination of low power radio and motion sensing technology. The result is a miniature sensor device that can measure and wirelessly communicate acceleration derived parameters (i.e. tilt, inclination, motion, vibration, impact, freefall). The sensor can communicate measured parameters in real time or log them to internal memory for later download. The wireless transceiver is capable of transmitting the data several hundred meters to a remote terminal. The sensor is housed in a compact IP rated enclosure measuring just 75mm x 25mm x 23mm including the internal battery. Custom packages can also be provided where the application requires.

The sensor can be configured for a multitude of applications including motion sensors for security systems, goods handling data logging, impact and fall logging, inclinometers, experimental measurements and many more.

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