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Wireless Sensors & Data Loggers

JPA Electronics has developed a range of wireless sensing and logging modules measuring parameters including acceleration, tilt, vibration, motion, freefall, impact, temperature and contact closure.

The sensors can be used to transmit measurements to a remote receiver in real time, or can log and store data for wireless download at a later date.

Applications include inclinometers, motion detectors, tilt detectors, impact loggers, goods in transit logging, intelligent RFID, security systems, local area asset protection and many more. Our devices are fully programmable and can be adapted to meet customer specific requirements.


Active RFID

JPA Electronics Active RFID technology has been developed for an optimal balance of long range and low power performance. Ideal for managing stock and inventory over extended distances, our tags will deliver reliable and secure performance over many years operation. Packaged in a robust IP rated housing with easy fix mounting lugs our active RFID technology is quick and easy to install on small and large scale deployments alike. The tags can also include our motion sensing technology adding additional security and management capabilities.

Our tags are highly configurable and can cater for most application requirements as standard. However where a bespoke solution is required our in house design expertise enables us to adapt the technology to suit the customer's own specification.


RF Beacon Transmitters / Radiolocation Transmitters

JPA Electronics RF beacon transmitters are ultra narrowband UHF (433/434MHz) devices that transmit a 'chirp' which can be located with a compatible directional scanner. The tag signal can be received over distances extending to several kilometres.

Thousands of tags are already deployed in asset tracking devices, aiding 'last mile' position determination in asset recovery and location systems. They are also used in counter surveillance and wildlife tracking applications

JPA can supply RF beacons in PCB format for integration in to OEM equipment or packaged in our standard tag housing where they are to be used in a standalone applications.

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